The best buildings in the world are upgrading their tenant experience through a mobile platform that connects people, services and spaces.



We partner with landlords to develop building experiences of the future.

District developed a mobile platform that allows occupiers to connect and use everything they love inside and around their buildings.

We are also working on a number of complex advanced features based on new technologies such as facial recognition, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation (drones, robots) combing advanced mobile user experience with deeply secure hardware integrations.


Landlord branding

Based on location and unlocked by email verification, District associates users with their building. District personalises a fully customised section of the app with any type of information specific to the building that the property manager wants. Users have all the relevant information on the building security and processes in one place, and it can be easily updated and replaced for everyone without the need to contact each company individually.

Community Network

District connects the building community through a member and company directory across the development. Members can search by industry, skills and other parameters. Profiles are integrated with social media. Property managers have the ability to learn from demographic analytics to find out who is actually in their portfolio. The property manager can then connect with the users directly, users can network between themselves and make new friends with colleagues or other companies to expand their business interests and opportunities.

Events, Activities and Bookings

District allows users to see what activities are available in or near the building and book them based on their interest.

Advanced features such as event descriptions, bookings, attendee profiles, time slots for special events, automatic feedback collection, tagging, categorisation and deep intelligent analytics are included.

Events are leveraged by an artificial intelligence system that, when it will be at full scale, will provide customized events proposals to users.

Food and Drinks Pre-Ordering

Users can pre-order meals and drinks to collect at the merchant, directly skipping the queue in the process. District allows merchants to control their menus, to push offers, discounts and promotions.

After ordering, users get a notification when their order is ready and an estimated time for pick-up. District has the industry’s best integrated secure payments so users can pay directly for their orders with their private or company credit card.

Nearby Discount and Promotions

District connects a network of stores (shops, retail), services (wellness, beauty, child care), and opportunities (activities, events, travel) around the building offering discounts and promotions exclusively for your verified building occupiers.

Office managers and landlords have been creating brochures that map the neighbourhood for new tenants for years. District provides that experience digitally and with a hugely upgraded experience for users - a real time network of discounts and promotions tailored to their interests and preferences at the touch of a button wherever they go (mobile).

Integrated Concierge and Support

District offers a direct line of communication between the concierge and users so that requests, complaints and desires are processed and tracked. Users can submit requests directly from the app to any email-integrated system used by the concierge staff, receptionists, community or property management teams.

This feature increases the response time to the user whilst at the same time increasing the service level, adding value to users day to day work experience, whilst at the same time lowering the costs for building managers and concierge staff.

Space Management

District allows landlords to monetise shared amenity space or meeting rooms through a state-of-the-art space management booking system.

This feature allows users to have easy access to any shared space when needed and will be customised for each landlord and building.

Building Access Control

Integrate with existing building security systems to provide building access to employees.

Save time and hassle through our efficient visitor access that requires no hardware integrations. District automatically pushes visitor passes that can be shown to security, bypassing the traditional registration process.

Benefits for Landlords



Retain tenants from offering a seamless digital experience


Access untapped revenue potential across tenants and users


Build the community by connecting people and services around them


Collect information on building usage and demographics


Convenient and useful 10 Nov 2017

Well made app!

Can order food from my desk and skip the queue in store.

Also good for viewing upcoming events without having to access Enjoy Work website.

Well developed application 13 Nov 2017

I find the app well developed and easy to navigate through, easy to pre-order and the payment process is very simple and straight forward. Events listing is handy.

Great app 13 Nov 2017

Welcome designed and easy to use. Can order my lunch and keep up to date with work and events. Recommended. Love it.


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